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Waiting for a reply…


Still waiting for an official reply, but this is what Stephen Franks said in late 2003 or early 2004:

«The point is not that the events will not occur, but that the kinds preparations and precautions that a democratic government can take before the risk becomes so imminent that everyone recognises it, are so limited as to be a waste of time or worse.»

This is probably the most truthful statement from a politician since Jimmy Carter said «if we don’t take care of these problems now they will take care of us in the near future» or words to that affect.

Along with Simon Upton in the 90s who predicted the excrement would start hitting the rotating device mid first decade of 2000… and here we are! Upton warned of peak oil in 1997, eight years ago.

«According to some energy analysts, over half the world’s oil has already been consumed and, at current rates, 80 percent will have been consumed by the year 2020 (Laharrere, 1995; Campbell, 1996). The remaining 20 percent is in reserves that are more difficult to access. Oil reserves in the US and Europe are expected to be depleted in 15-20 years. Middle Eastern supplies will be plentiful for some decades, but at higher prices.»

(Simon Upton, State of New Zealand’s Environment, 1997)