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Direct Democracy understands the crucial importance of oil as a source of energy for transport and as a raw material for a wide range of products. Direct Democracy recognises the urgent need for society to prepare for Peak Oil. Direct Democracy recognises the crucial role that energy plays in society and recognises the need to move toward a carbon-constrained world, if we are to provide a sustainable future for the next generation. Direct Democracy recognises that policy must be based on reality and believes that only an informed public can make informed judgements. Direct Democracy will endeavour to supply the public with the best information available.


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Read more about what Direct Democracy are saying at http://www.directdemocracy.net.nz.



Open Letters:

  Kelvyn Alp’s Open Letter to the New Zealand People   15 March 2007  

Press releases:

  NZ Herald   18 August 2005  

Speeches from the 2005 campaign by Robert Atack, Otaki candidate:

  Speech #1   September 2005  
  Speech #2   September 2005  
  Speech #3   September 2005  
  Speech #4   September 2005  
  Speech #5   September 2005