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Draft Energy Policy — July 2005


We depend on cheap oil as the main source of energy for transport, farming, manufacturing of plastics, fertiliser and pesticides. Demand for oil will exceed supply by 2010 and prices are rising steadily. We face a crisis of adjustment to a simpler, sustainable way of life. Democrats urge action now to prepare for the inevitable end of the oil age.


Clean Renewable Energy

New Zealand is fortunate in having ample sunshine and strong winds, the harnessing of which will supplement hydro and geothermal power.

Democrats propose:



Transport is the major user of oil and radical changes must be made.

Democrats advocate:

Democratic Party energy policy involves a huge investment in New Zealand’s infrastructure necessary now if we are to make a soft landing as the era of cheap oil comes to a close. We will ensure that through social credit — the issue of interest free loans — New Zealanders will pay only once to achieve sustainable self reliance and not twice or thrice. Support us in our quest for economic sovereignty in Aotearoa New Zealand.