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Robert Atack
I have been self funding this site and a public education program for the past 5 years.
Public interest is growing quite fast and along with this are added costs.
We do not know what lies ahead, as we are on the brink of something never seen before in the history of man. But the consensus is that an informed population might be more accepting of the hardships we will soon have to endure, and may even give us a bit of time to prepare.
As the governments of the world seem not at all interested in helping us gain enough knowledge to be of any help, it has been left up to us to try to educate ourselves.
So any donations will help.

Thank you
Robert Atack
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«It is incumbent on us here today to so act throughout our lives as to leave our children a heritage for which we will receive their blessings and not their curses.»

Theodore Roosevelt, July 1886