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and how the Green Party has reacted to peak oil in the past


The leadership of Green Party has been well aware of Peak Oil and its likely timing for many years. It has also been aware of the very disruptive (if not catastrophic) effect Peak Oil will have on society.

Nevertheless, the leadership chose to not to prioritise public discussion of Peak Oil and chose not to support the efforts of those who did attempt to raise public awareness at a time when effective preparation would have been possible.

At the time of writing (May 2005) the Green Party still fails to highlight Peak Oil as the most pressing immediate issue of our times and continues to devote considerable effort to peripheral issues.

Voters must therefore consider the consequences of supporting a party that, though supposedly committed to it, has failed to apply The Precautionary Principle.

Voters, who value integrity and recognise Peak Oil, should identify with a party that has demonstrated a willingness to embrace up to date information and to promote public debate. At this point of time only the Maori Party has done so.

Should any other party suddenly change its stance on Peak Oil in the run up to an election, it could be justifiably be accused of jumping on a bandwagon for political gain.