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Waiting for a reply…


We have given up waiting for a reply from this party, but as seen by this question in the house on 6.4.05, it wouldn’t be worth reading anyway. (Robert Atack)

Peter Brown: «Is the Minister aware that Green members are going around this country talking about peak oil; and does the Minister share New Zealand First’s view that there is a difference between high-priced oil and peak oil, and that it does a great disservice to New Zealand as a whole for party members to go scaremongering around the country, as Greens members have been?»
Hon Trevor Mallard: «I think there is agreement that at some stage peak oil will occur. There is no doubt — it is a question of when. We have seen estimates that have gone out to the 2060s on that. There is a consensus amongst some commentators that it will occur in the 2030s, but I do not see any real sign of panic at the pumps at the moment.»
Hon Trevor Mallard: «I am not aware of the Goldman Sachs predictions. I am aware of the futures trade, and I have my bike out.»
  Hansard (http://www.clerk.parliament.govt.nz/hansard/Hansard.aspx) 6.4.05.

It would seem Trevor has a sense of humour, as that is what Jeanette said to me in an email I have continued to circulate since I received it in 2000. (RA)

«Then the price will really go up. So get your bike out!»

Jeanette Fitzsimons, 23.3.2000 (see http://www.oilcrash.com/articles/greed.htm.)