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by Robert Atack


Hi, thanks for visiting my site.

I am concerned about the immediate and long term future of the Kapiti Coast and its residents. We face a real threat from the immanent event of peak oil and the resulting energy shortage. Its important that the council and citizens of Kapiti learn and talk about this issue, and that we make decisions and take actions that will minimise its negative impacts in our area.

This is why I am running for council, and for Mayor.

Elected or not, I will continue to work towards

  • educating people about peak oil and its impact
  • encouraging councillors and candidates to understand and publicly acknowledge the immanence of peak oil
  • less subdivisions, no link road, and no airport development
  • community action that will enable us to thrive in a vastly different energy environment

I am looking for a mandate from the voters to say «enough is enough». We need to act with full knowledge and make intelligent informed decisions as a community. Its no longer viable to keep our heads in the sand.
It is time for a change of direction. Lets steer a coarse away from the cliff, if not for us then for the children, they after all will inherit the world we create.

Press Statements: #1#2

Every Candidate has or will receive the 3 DVDs, listed here.