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candidate for Mayor,
Kapiti Coast District Council 2007


I am standing for mayor because I want our community to be fully prepared for the changes that we all know are eventually going to occur due to abrupt climate change and peak oil.

We are all going to have to educate ourselves to live out our lives in different ways and there are many ways we can do this. Some ways are:

  • Education
  • A Film programme
  • Neighbourhood groups
  • Garden projects
  • Council policy changes

I am aware that change does not happen overnight and that certain current policies of the council would have to continue for some time.

However, it is important that we begin to make choices in the community about how we spend our rates money and I would want to lead the debate on this issue. My agenda for this debate would include:


  1. Areas set aside for the community, with the help of the council, to use as organic permaculture gardens. On this land education centres would be set up using volunteer and council funded labour. This could mean the re-evaluation of the Link Road and the Aquatic Centre.

  2. Small neighbourhood groups centred on these garden centres, need to be formed for growing food and education.

  3. Every household should have a worm farm and composting system, or neighbourhood areas could be provided, again after an education campaign, so people want to do it, rather than feel forced into something.

  4. Education through screening of documentaries on abrupt climate change, permaculture, peak oil and other world issues could be disseminated to the community through these core groups.

  5. We have a vast resource of older people whose knowledge can be tapped in to for tips on gardening, food preservation and other issues.


  1. The water situation on the coast is only looking to get worse, even if the population remains at current figures we still face water shortages, the suggestions I have may sound draconian, but for a community problem we need a community helping with the solution. I suggest all mains pressure systems be put back to gravity feed, as much grey water as possible to be directed to gardens, and rain water caught in personal water tanks with KCDC subsidising the tanks etc.

  2. Because I am not in council as yet I haven’t a clue how big a problem the sewerage system is? But maybe having as many septic tank systems ‘up’ and running, as we can manage (thinking water table etc) would be a good idea.

  3. We should stop growing/cutting lawn wherever we can, be it road sides (where it is not a road hazard) or any other area not growing food, I think planting wild flowers, to encourage bees and other pollinating insects would be important to the community’s survival. Bringing stock on to help consume any potential fire hazards could help.

One of my main hopes is through this education scheme, we as a community, will unite, and form a bond that will weather the coming storms of the other side of Peak Oil and Abrupt Climate Change. Then my suggestions will be more ‘normal’ than as ‘off the planet’ as they sound at the moment.


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