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candidate for Mayor,
Kapiti Coast District Council 2007


The reason I am running for Mayor of Kapiti is due to my frustration with the lack of action exhibited by national and local government on pivotal issues. I am particularly concerned with matters related to peak oil, such as our food supply, law and order and the general welfare of this community.

I’ve been campaigning on these issues for approximately 8 years now, the goal being to educate as many people as are willing to listen about the ramifications of global peaking in our energy supply, and most pertinently oil.

Kapiti is dependent upon oil, like any other part of New Zealand and is therefore vulnerable to falter when supplies are threatened, diminish or become too expensive for the average person or business to avoid. And that day will likely come sooner than you think.

How vulnerable are we? 80% of transportation fuel is currently being imported from countries a long way away and that equates to 100% of our petrol. Also, our food supply is over 90% dependent of fossil fuels.

This community needs to understand and accept that oil supplies, which form the lifeblood of our economy, can not remain so. If we do not prepare now, when our supply of imported oil starts to drop we will be left unnecesssarily unprepared.

I believe it is part of an elected leader’s role to educate the community about this serious dilemna and prepare it for what may be around the corner.

So one of the main reasons I am running is to ensure people are informed – particularly those in office. I hope all will take at least some responsibility for preparing for the future. It is no use waiting for Mother Government to do this all for us.

I consider the Link Road, the Waikanae Bridge, Transmission Gully and the Airport, as well as any other development that adds more strain to the current overworked system, as foolhardy, given what lays ahead.

We are way past the lead in time to make enough changes to even remotely keep this system running, so our next choice is to drastically power down, become a closer community, work together, help each other learn some of the old skills used before oil became a God, and while we have cheap energy, we need to use all that is available to build permaculture gardens, at least along the link road route, if not the whole of Kapiti.

Please ask each Mayoral and Council candidate what plans they have to prepare us for peak oil. They all will be receiving a copy of these DVD’s 1 and 2, so they will have no excuse not to address this matter, or be able to feign ignorance later.

I also feel the current Council is responsible for painting us into the corner we are in. For instance, the water bore that no one likes, and doesn’t work correctly – to a sewage system that has failed and is sending Kapiti Coast District Council into bankruptcy, while still burning tons of fossil fuels in the process.

As voters and thinking individuals we must take responsibility for some of what is happening, and not let this Council or any future one, ignore the facts laid out on this DVD. We need to start learning what some of the real issues are, as it is past time for us all to start working together to weather this coming storm.
Thank-you for your attention to the contents herein.

Yours sincerely,
Robert Atack

04 293 5631


For more information please visit www.oilcrash.com and for the sake of future generations,
make an effort to learn what we all face as citizens of earth.